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Single Use sharps disposal container for the safe and secure disposal of all sharps items. One piece unit for use with either a hanger bracket, tray bracket or lockable cabinet for use in public areas.


Single use Next Generation sharps container designed to improve tamper resistance by preventing hand access to the contents of the containers.  Can be used with either a lockable bracket, cabinet, a hanging basket or a separate trolley.


This unit has a counter balanced lid for safe use and is a single use sharps container.  The capacity is 5.1 litres.  This unit is designed for use with a lockable bracket or fully enclosed lockable cabinet for additional security.  


This is a single use sharps container ideal for use in moderate volume areas. The unit has a capacity of 7.6 litre.  The unit is designed for use with a wall bracket, metal hanger bracket or trolley.  The unit can be stacked for easy storage.


Single use 1.5 litre sharps container for safe storage of sharps in lower volume patient rooms or facilities.  The container has either a hanging bracket or a desktop bracket for safe storage.  The price is for the supply of the product only.


Single use 1.4 litre high top sharps container for use in medical practicies, dentists and community pharmacies.  The container is compatible with a cup bracket or a hanging basket bracket.  The price is for the supply of the product only.

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